pH-I Static reflective rope 11mm

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pH-I Static Reflective has the same unique colour change marker as standard pH-I Static when exposed to strong acids but with the addition of retro-reflective markers for when rope visibility is important whilst working in confined or dark spaces


  • Construction: Multiple Twisted Nylon Cores
  • Cover: 16 Plait Nylon
  • Test standards:CE EN 1891 Type A
  • Applications:Cleaning with chemicals. Industrial access. Lime scale stripping. Paint stripping. Weld preparation

Benefits: Chemical exposure alert. Good abrasion resistance. High elongation. High energy absorption. High strength. Reflective marker yarns are easily visible. Visible year marker. Works well with ascenders and descenders


Diameter (mm) 11
Weight (Kg/100m) 7.38
Av. Breakload (kN) 35.3
Av. Breakload With Fig 8 loop (kN) 21.1

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100m, 200m

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