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The ANCHORA is an anchor device designed by Lyon Equipment with climbing walls and technical training centres in mind.


With multiple attachment points and a smooth bearing surface, this anchor allows for many different connecting and loading configurations whilst minimising wear on the connectors themselves.

  • The ANCHORA offers five attachment points which are designed to allow different connecting and loading configurations.
  • Attachment points provide a smooth bearing surface minimising wear on any connectors.
  • The design allows positioning of the connectors and rope away from the structure, thereby prolonging the life of rope, connectors and surface of the structure.
  • Connectors can be replaced independently of the ANCHORA, reducing ongoing costs.
  • Large connectors can be held captive once the ANCHORA is fitted, removing the need for captive bar versions.
  • The ANCHORA has been independently tested and meets the requirements of EN 795:2012 Type A and CEN/TS 16415:2013 Type A for two persons.

The ANCHORA is cast from marine grade stainless steel with no welded joints or moving parts so suitable to be used in an outside environment.

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