HT Secours harness

£220.00 +VAT

The HT Secours harness is designed for work on ropes while ensuring the user with the highest degree of mobility. This harness comes with two fall arrest anchorage points (back and chest), two work position holding points on either side of the belt and a belly suspension point. The high degree of user comfort provided by the HT Secours harness is ensured by its general design and the back X-Pad; the belt is lined with anti-perspiration high-density foam and the harness comes with mountaineering type thigh straps. Mobility is ensured by the harness structure by which the shoulder straps join up to lock on the user’s chest, combined with the light weight of the harness.


  • EN 361-EN358-EN813.
  • 1 Back Anchorage.
  • 1 Sternal Anchorage.
  • 2 Lateral Anchorage.
  • 1 Umbilical Anchorage.
  • Automatic or Standard Buckles.
  • Option/ Seat Belt.
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