DA Applicator with Full Cone Nozzles for Softwash application

£38.99 +VAT

This version of the DA Applicator fits any water fed pole angle adapter with a 22mm European thread. It comes fitted with a nozzle which produces a full cone spray pattern with uniform distribution. This enables the most efficient use of your chemicals and makes it ideal for applying a softwash treatment.




  • Full cone spray pattern with round impact area
  • Uniform distribution over a wide range of flow rates
  • Low impact
  • Fits any water fed pole angle adapter with 22mm European thread
  • 8mm push fit for your pole hose to fit too
  • End of the applicator has a ¼ inch BSP thread which allows you to fit other nozzles or fan jets as required

Kit includes:-

  • Plastic full cone nozzle (purple ref No 6.5) included – orifice size is 2.4mm and 50 degree spray pattern
  • Plastic full cone nozzle (green ref No 10) included – orifice size is 2.8mm and 70 degree spray pattern
  • x1 roll of white PTFE Thread Seal Tape 12m x 12mm x 0.75mm included for use when changing the nozzles.

To change the nozzles simply loosen with a 14mm spanner or socket, unscrew the nozzle and install the new one. It is advisable to apply PTFE thread seal tape (included) to prevent leaks and do not overtighten.

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